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The following terms apply to all items listed, featured, posted, and sold on the entire Jax & Queen Hand-Craft Soap Company website:

As a devoted customer of Jax & Queen Hand-Craft Soap Company, you recognize that the products available for purchase may contain materials that could pose risks if mishandled. You acknowledge that Jax & Queen Hand-Craft Soap Company, its owners, and affiliates bear no responsibility for any personal injury, allergic reactions, or property damage resulting from the use of products acquired on this website. Additionally, as a loyal patron, you understand that the handcrafted products, designed for recommended usage, should not be considered substitutes for professional medical advice, nor are they intended to serve as cures, treatments, or preventive measures for diseases. While the products and their pure ingredients are recommended for those who prefer a clean, all-natural lifestyle, Jax & Queen Hand-Craft Soap Company, its owners, and affiliates cannot guarantee specific outcomes and accept no liability. Your support and acknowledgment are greatly appreciated. As a committed customer, upon completing a purchase, you acknowledge that this brief disclaimer applies to all products, testimonials, and descriptions throughout the entire website.

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